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Maine Beer and Wine Distributors (MBWD) members.
The members of the Maine Beer and Wine Distributors

The Maine Beer and Wine Distributors (MBWD) is a group of Maine family-owned distributors. MBWD member companies are an integral link in the state-regulated alcohol distribution system.

Distributors provide transportation, refrigerated storage and maintenance for perishable malt beverages and wine from the time they leave the supplier until they arrive at the local retailer. This system provides consumers unparalleled access to a tremendous variety of styles and products.

The MBWD is an important part of Maine’s alcohol regulatory system, serving as the link between beer and wine producers and more than 4,500 Maine grocery stores, convenience stores, restaurants, bars and other retail locations licensed to sell alcohol to Maine consumers. Our territory covers the entire state, spanning from the northernmost regions to the southernmost tip of Maine.