Testimonials from Our Industry

The United States benefits from a state-based regulatory system for alcohol that was created by Congress more than 75 years ago. The 21st Amendment grants individual states the primary authority to regulate alcohol within their borders. This system keeps the business of beer and wine distribution local. Recently, Steve DiMillo, Jr., manager at DiMillo’s Floating Restaurant shared the importance of Maine’s local beer and wine distributors.

Joe Karter, Owner of Joka’s Discount Beverage in Waterville, Maine, talks about the role of the distributor in the bottle redemption process and how the service from his local distributor helps his business succeed. He elaborates on the ability for Joka’s to participate in the bottle redemption process and how it helps his local business to keep customers coming back on a regular basis.

Joka’s Discount Beverage has been operating an efficient and successful retail business in Waterville for over 20 years.

Rob Tod, founder and owner of Allagash Brewing Company in Portland, Maine, talks about the important role the distributors play in providing quality and choice to his customers.