State Based Regulations

How Does the Beer Distribution Process Work?

Since alcohol is a unique product that requires regulation and responsible consumption, Maine’s beer and wine distributors are part of a strong three-tier, state-based system. This system has been successful for more than 75 years and is the key to effective and accountable alcohol control.

Maine’s independent beer and wine distributors provide for the safe distribution of alcohol. Beer distributors work long hours to provide customers with the quality and choice we have today. We encourage you to learn more about your local beer distributor and understand the important role they play in state-based regulation and in your local community.   You can learn about the Bureau of Alcoholic Beverages by visiting the BABLO website.

Maine’s Beer and Wine Distributors:

  • Comply with all federal, state and local laws and regulations that promote moderate consumption and preserve public safety
  • Ensure the collection of state and local taxes
  • Protect against illegal distribution of alcohol by ensuring sales are made to licensed retailers
  • Provide transparency and accountability for product chain of custody
  • Preserve orderly markets and local business practices

*Maine’s beer and wine distributors collect alcohol taxes for the state on every gallon of beer and wine they distribute and pay all other fuel, licensing, property and income taxes to which they are subject.