Contributing to a Greener Maine

Working towards a greener Maine.
Maine’s fall foliage as seen by a driver traveling throughout the state.

Keeping Maine beautiful is a commitment that is close to the hearts of many who live in our state. The members of MBWD feel it is very important, as businesses and as residents, to do everything we can to preserve our natural resources and elevate the level of recycling awareness state-wide.

In addition to our individual efforts to follow green business practices, our members are active participants in the state’s can and bottle recycling program, ensuring their empties make it to a can or bottle recycling center or are disposed of in an environmentally-sound manner. MBWD is currently working with other entities within the state to replace the 30-year-old bottle recycling program with a more comprehensive, state-wide initiative that will help Maine reduce its carbon footprint even further.

To learn more about the bottle bill, click here.

A greener Maine with quality recycling and container redemption programs.
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